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Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimper

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HC-P16MP manual hydraulic hose crimper supports to crimp and swage the hydraulic hose assembly, A/C hoses, tractor hydraulic hoses fittings and small cables within 1 inch, even the high-pressure hydraulic rubber hoses can be crimped with this small crimping machine.

It is one portable universal crimping tool. Because of its lightweight, it can be easily moved and mounted in the workshop or service van and offers on-site repair service without electricity.

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manual hydraulic hose crimper for sale
Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimper $1,500.00 Original price was: $1,500.00.$1,250.00Current price is: $1,250.00.

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Crimper Basic info

manual hydraulic hose crimper specification

Product Advantage

Why HC-P16MP is the better manual crimper?

Manual crimper with Enerpac pump

One manual hose crimper tool is enough for all easy crimping works!

Pump: The HC-P16MP was installed with one original ENERPAC brand manual pump, to ensure users have a better user experience. Unlike the poor-quality nameless pump, the ENERPAC pump has a long-term lifetime. This pump makes the crimping process effortless, so that minimizes operators’ fatigue. You can use the 1 year warranty from ENERPAC in your local. ENERPAC says:” Two-speed operation on most models reduces handle strokes by as much as 78% over single-speed pumps”.

Application: Enough power allows this crimper to press hydraulic braided hoses, air lines, brake hoses, garden hoses, gas lines, cable steel ropes, steel pipe or iron pipe, etc. No matter the low-pressure or high-pressure hoses, 2 wires or 4 wires hoses, all of them can be crimped by this compact machine. Enjoy the easy crimping work with our manual hose crimper!

manual hose crimper's dies and machine head
the details of HYDROCRIMP manual hose crimper


Our Pump: The hand pump is original Enerpac Brand, USA standard quality, 1 year warranty, stable crimping force, top grade anti-leaking, better than most hand pumps in the market.

Others’ Pump: No brand pump, value lower than 50 USD, bad quality, oil leaking frequently, valves often stuck, no warranty.

Our Service: We are the professional manufacturer of crimping machines, not a reseller, we can offer you the technical guide and after-sale service. The detailed instruction manual will be packaged. We will also offer clients the Guide Video to teach clients how to use the tool.

Others’ Service: The No Brand machines are sold by online variety shops, they don’t have the professional application, even don’t know how to use this tool, these machines don’t have the operating manual. There is no after-sale service and technical guide if you meet questions.

Our Materials: Our machine head and dies are all made of 42 CRMO steel, with higher hardness and shock strength, better mechanical properties, long service life. All parts come from famous brands to ensure quality.

Others’ Materials: To save cost, the no brand machines use low quality parts, use cheaper 20 CRMO steel to make machines’ heads and dies, low hardness, the dies may crack when crimping hoses.

Our Technology: We use European technology to make the crimper, the manual machine’s head and dies are adopted with finish machining, every machine will be tested before manufacturing, well Anti-Leaking oil for every detail.

Others’ Technology: The low quality machines use low manufacturing technology, no finish machining, the bad details make the machine easy to stuck the crimping process, easy to oil impregnating and leaking when using.

Parts Info

— The indicator will light when the hoses are crimped to the pre-set size, the light will turn on.

— The accurate vernier dial can adjust 0.1mm to 2mm for the crimping size.

— Put all dies in the storage drawer to save the space.

— The indicator battery can be used for a very long time.

— Set the indicator light function with the switch.

the parts and details of the manual crimping tool

There are 6 pcs of common dies(#14-#31) that come with this hand-operated crimper tool. No matter 2 wires or 4 wires braided hydraulic hose, this machine can crimp them well.  The crimper and standard dies support to crimp JIC, BSP and Metric hydraulic fittings.

The kit offers a wide crimping range, the largest crimping size can reach 34mm(OD). You can even use the base of the die to crimp the 1” hoses.  This crimper can press steel ferrules, aluminum ferrules and copper ferrules well


— If you need to crimp the A/C hose and get the end of the fluted ferrule, you need to order the toothy customized dies.

#6,#8,#10,#12 dies, does not belong to common used crimper dies, you need to buy these extra small dies(click here to buy) for those tiny special hoses or cables.

customized dies and hose assembly
crimping hydraulic hose assemblies

Images and Package

the package of manyal hydraulic hose crimper

— We will use the solid plywood case to package the machine, the lid can be easily opened with the hinge.

— The package can be delivered to most countries in the world via UPS, DHL or Fedex. You will receive the goods in 5-10 days.

–The price includes all the standard accessories and dies.

— The hydraulic oil is not included, we recommend you to use #46 SHELL hydraulic oil.

The Operation Video Of the Manual Crimper

Trouble Shooting

The standard dies provide a crimping range from 1/4″ to 1″, the size means the inner size of the hose. The outter size of crimping is from 14 to 34mm.

If you need to crimp the smaller hoses and cables, the extra dies can offer a 6mm to 34mm(OD) crimping range. 

Yes, it can crimp high pressure hoses, low pressure hoses, 1 layers, 2 layers and 4 layers hydraulic rubber hoses.( 1″ hose can only be crimped with 2 layers)

The air hoses, garden hose even the water cooling hoses can also be crimped with this common crimping tool.

The standard dies are free, there are 6 pcs of stand dies comes with HC-P16MP manual hose crimper. The tiny dies and customized dies need to be paid extra.

Yes, not only the A/C hoses, it can crimp the hydraulic hoses, brake hoses and washing hoses, the crimping power enough to crimp most hoses and ferrules within 1 inch,  if the shape of the A/C hose ferrule is special, you may need to buy the customized dies.

We recommend clients to use #46 hydraulic oil for most hydraulic hose crimpers. The SHELL BRAND oil is a good choice. If your working place is in the cold area, then we recommend you use #32 hydraulic oil.

Yes, we will package the manual document with the machine.  If you still not understand how to use it, pls contact with us, we will teach you how to use it.

The warranty is 12 months.  During the period, if you meet any quality problems, we will offer you free parts for replacement. Based on our technology and experience, our hose crimper can be used for a very long time without problems.

Because of the special dies need to be customized, we need to know the details and offer the satisfied solution to customers, then offer the link to clients to place the order.

Please send us the picture to show the crimping effect of the hose to .

You need to describe:

  1. the outer diameter of the hose ferrule after crimping.
  2. the inner diameter of the hoses

We will use 1-2 weeks to customize the dies.

You need to install the battery to the black battery drawer. You can select the ” 1604G, 6F22, 9V” batter.( We use GREENCELL brand)

Yes, contact with to let us know your order, we will offer you the discount.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 330 × 400 × 270 cm

6 pcs, #14,#16,#19,#23,#27,#31

Crimping Force




2 reviews for Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimper

  1. Daniel Hooper

    Works good, I use it to press the 2 wires hose SAE, perfect!

  2. Jerry C

    I love this tool, I can make my hydraulic lines in my shop. The special customized dies make me wait for another 5 days. I think this crimper is a very good value.

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